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Monday, January 21, 2019

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"After visiting your site and browsing it for some time! I had to say what a good job you did with all this. It's a huge site! More than enough for any Nicole Eggert fan. I am a fan of her's, but I had no idea that she has had so many media appearances! You have documented everything very well, and for it's size and subject matter, it's very well organized. Fan sites can tend to be repetitive if large, but you have a lot of variety. I was surprised to see so many videos. I know what time it takes to put up galleries!! Try running some of those photos through photoshop and you'll be surprised how great they could look. I know this is an "unofficial site", but Ms. Eggert should be extremely proud of what you have accomplished. She should be a fan of *yours* for doing all this!...Good Job!"





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