Nicole Eggert - Interview for "Big"

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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Interview for "Big". September 22, 1993.

Name: Nicole Elizabeth ("It's a family name, my mom and her morn and her mom are all called Elizabeth too.") Eggert.

Born: January 13, 1972 in California.

Family: "I have one sister, April who is 14. My mum's here now. She's from London. She went to America when she was 21 in 1969. Dad is from Germany. When I was very little they used to teach me German and English. But my father never kept it up with me and I totally lost it all."

Lives: Los Angeles, in the Hollywood hills. "It can be rough in Hollywood but where I live is okay."

Boyfriend: "Yes, he's over there in that chair (points at an ultra cool guy slumped on a nearby sofa, dressed in a Moschino roll brim hat and casual gear). His name is Eric. Right now he's into modelling. I met him in L.A. at a party. It wasn't love at first sight. It's taken a long time. We've been seeing each other for a year, but we weren't able to get serious until four or five months ago. So I'm real happy now."

Hobbies: "My boyfriend has a house at Malibu beach so we hang out there a lot. We go to the movies. Once in a while we go clubbing. There’s no real clubs happening at the moment. We go to the Roxbury sometimes. Anybody who's in town who's a celebrity goes there. I've met the Beverly Hills crowd there."

Fave junk food: "I love so much junk food. But my favourite is a Big Mac and fries. I just drink water with it."

Fave beach wear: "I like shorts, cut off levis with a bathing suit."

Happiest moment: "God, I hope it hasn't happened yet. Er, so far? I'll have to think about that...I don't know."

Earliest memory: "I think it was when I saw a poster of a little kid in a high chair with a diaper tipping spaghetti over its head. I went home sat on a high chair and dumped a bowl of spaghetti on my head!"

First kiss: "I was fifth grade. I was 11. No, I had to be older. Maybe 12 or 13 He was a boy I went to school with. It was disgusting. I kissed him on the beach.

Fave item of clothing: "My Levis. I have this picture of me as a little girl with bell bottom Levis with flowers going down the side. Yes! And I have white blonde hair parted in the middle, ha ha! Big fat face and..."

What makes you laugh? "My friend Hymie is the funniest guy you'll ever meet. I like Roseanne Barr too."

Who would be your dream date? "Apart from my boyfriend...Keanu Reeves cos he's so beautiful. I've never met him but I'd like to."

Did you go out with Marky Mark? "Not really...I did see him for about four months, but it wasn't...he was fun to go out with. But he lives in Boston and I live in Los Angeles so I only saw him when he came to town. I dumped him ha ha! No, not really. I met my boyfriend and it ended."

Did you like these outfits? "They are really neat. I love them."

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