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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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Q: Do you know for certain whether or not the nude scenes Alyssa Milano did in Embrace of the Vampire and the ones Nicole Eggert did in Blown Away are genuinely them or did they use body doubles? Because in the credits of both movies it lists stand-ins for both characters, doesn't that mean that it wasn't them?

A: When you watch a movie and you see their face together with their bodies, it's them.
A Stand-in is NOT the same as a body double. Stand-ins are the people who are moved around on the set while the director of photography figures out where to place the actors and actresses in the scene and how to light them. Once these "marks" are determined, the real actors and actresses do their work in front of the camera.
We still have a few years before special-effects companies like ILM will use computer graphics to place an actresses' head on top of a nude body double in a movie, then my work will become very difficult! ILM has already done a little bit of this with one shot of Meryl Streep lying on her stomach in Death Becomes Her. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, Leonard DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had their faces digitally composed on top of stunt people for a dangerous water-rushing-down-the-corridor scene in Titanic.

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