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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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Is it true that that's Nicole Eggert on the cover of your album? How'd that come about?

We met her after we'd moved up to Los Angeles. We'd become friends, and our singer started going out with her best friend. So about a month later we just went up and asked kind of half-seriously, "Hey, would you be on our album cover, naked, doggie-style?" and she said yeah. We tried to make it not so heavy metal; you know, T & A. More like a '50's Playboy pinup --kinda tasteful, you know. I mean, my mom likes it!

Have you gotten any flack from anyone about it?

Actually I was expecting more controversy, but really there were just a couple of people, some real, like, feminists. They said it was sexist, but not like, "Oh my God, I hate it." If we have more success, I'm sure there'll be people who will jump all over it --you know. "We're not carrying it in Wal-Mart." But those are problems we want to have. 

Taken from the Guest Book:

"I had the pleasure of hanging out with Nicole at Brownies in nyc. We have the mutual pleasure of being associates of the band SUGAR RAY, she sill has to autograph my cover and I still have to sing a Neil Diamond song for her."

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