Nicole Eggert - Trivia

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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She is featured on the cover of Sugar Ray's CD entitled "Lemonade and Brownies". 

Her favourite actors are Michael Caine, Demi Moore and Debra Winger. 

Her favourite movies are Color Purple, The (1985) and The Breakfast Club (1985). 

One of her friends is actress Christina Applegate. 

Admitted on VH1's "The List" that one of her favorite bands growing up was Depeche Mode. 

Broke 3 vertebrae in a snow-mobile accident in 1996 at Lake Tahoe, and continues to have residual pain. 

Daughter, Dilyn, born 1997/8. 

After leaving her wholesome role on "Charles in Charge" she got saline breat implants for her role as lifeguard Summer Quinn on "Baywatch." However she had them reduced a year later because she thought they were too big. 

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