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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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NICOLE EGGERT returns: Stuff's steamiest shoot ever

She was the hot sexpot on Charles In Charge and played an implant-sporting automaton on Baywatch, but Nicole Eggert's real achievement is the cover of Sugar Ray's Lemonade and Brownies. (The issue is a special about the sexiest album covers of all time, Nicole's is number one).

This being our special music issue, it would be hard to ignore what makes music really special: the album covers. And Sugar Ray's Lemonade and Brownies is the best of all time, purely for the sheer beauty of Miss Nicole Eggert. If you can stare at that cover and not get a dance in your pants, then either you're dead or you work on Will & Grace. We sat down in a restaurant with Nicole to talk about the infamous cover, her stint on Baywatch and the eerie allure of Scott Baio. It is eerie, you know.

STUFF: On Sugar Ray's album, you're naked doggie-style. Was it your idea?
NICOLE: A friend of mine was dating Mark McGrath, the lead singer, so I went there, and we just took pictures. The lighting was really beautiful. 

You know. Mark McGrath once exposed himself to a Stuff editor's wife during a photo shoot.

Yep. Did he do that with you?
*Look of shock* The band wasn't there. I didn't see him at all. 

Moving on. You once got implants, then you had them removed. Explain.
The bathing suits they had me wear on Baywatch were all one-pieces, which kill my figure. I'm more of a two-piece woman. So, in order to give some curve, I got the implants. They were huge, so I got rid of them [when I left the show]. 

Where are your implants now?
Oh, gosh, I have no idea.

You should have put them on eBay.
That's gross.

Britney Spears: nothing but tissue or are implants an issue?
Hmmm. That's interesting. They look like implants. She's so young, though. I hate to think that they're fake.

Bikini line: wax or shave?
A combination seems to work best.

I mean for me. What should I do?
A little trimming around there is always a good idea. Don't shave the entire thing, though.

David Hasselhoff vs. Scott Baio: Who would win in a fight?
Probably Scott, because he doesn't care about his appearance. David-he's primped. Scott's more rugged.

So he wouldn't mind getting bloody?
Right. He's not vain.

What does Scott Baio (an old boyfriend of yours) have that the rest of us men don't have?
His failure to be faithful.

Oooh, you're going there!
He'll tell girls how he wants to settle down and have kids, but in the end he always does the same thing. He never does what he says.

That's a great line guys can use to lure women. "I'm looking to settle down."

Sure. Do you still see Scott?
I see him occasionally. Last time I saw him was at the Playboy mansion. There he was, making the same mistakes.

I used to stalk you while at college.

Me and this guy Tod Bakar.-.well, actually it was just Tod Bakar. He pretended to be a magazine editor and contacted your agent and requested pictures. We got them and arranged an interview. When it came time for the interview, we chickened out.
Wow. Would you have abducted me?

Duh. Does weird stuff like that ever happen to you?
One guy wanted an outline of my feet.

No, I mean weird.
Another guy wanted locks of my hair.

Look over there, in the next booth-it's Emilio Estevez.
Oh, yeah, you're right. Wow, he looks a lot older.

He looks like his dad.

You play a member of the Manson family in an upcoming movie. What kind of serial killer would you be?
I'd be more of a gangster type.

Any victims you can name?
I don't condone violence, but...

Speaking of, tell me about Hasselhoff:
He occasionally played all his CDs in the makeup trailer-treacherous!

When does a man cease to be stocky and start to be short and fat?
When short guys start working out to bulk up. I like muscles, but I don't like really buff guys.

In Blown Away, Corey Haim or Corey Feldman?
*Frowns* Feldman. Haim was so messed up on drugs that it would mean waiting hours between scenes. A four-week shoot turned into a couple of months. Feldman was grounded. 

Weren't you married to Haim?
No, but I saw that on TV, too! My sister ran into my room and said, "Are you watching this shit?" Some E! True Hollywood stuff-he said he broke up with me! Please. I was only trying to help Corey as his friend. Somebody had to take him to the emergency room. I did, and it was misconstrued.

What trick did you perform on Circus of the Stars 12?
I did some acrobatic stuff on a pole. It was great.

You were on T.I. Hooker with the great William Shatner. Please discuss.
I had a recurring role as his daughter. But they replaced us with much younger children because Shatner didn't want to seem old enough to have children our age. I mean, my real dad is probably younger than him!

His hairpiece is older than you.
I know.

On Baywatch, what sort of direction were you given with regards to running on the beach?
I wasn't very good. I made a lot of really weird faces - you see it in slow motion.

What's the worst place you got sand?
My eyes.

The second-worst place?
Anywhere else you can imagine.

So... no boyfriend?

What do you look for in a guy?
I'm not looking.

Check, please.


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