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Friday, September 25, 2020

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This Site is Dedicated to the Memory of Steve Crater
Thank you for everything Steve...


The Fool. This site is dedicated to you.
Muammer Tuncman.
Scott Paro.

Jeffrey. (BTW, Thanks for calling Cindy!)
Cindy Roodakker... keeping the summer alive ;) 
Angelika K
Pedro Lacerda.
Avatar (Thanks for helping me with php and mySQL!)
Alexis H.J. Rougemont.
Marko Nissinen.
Dino Vindeni.
Randy O'Connell from Java Films.
Andrea Vaghi.
Erica Ann Muscat.
The Spy.
Martha Vanegas Barrand and Roderick Barrand
Geneva Boulianne, Rob Feinstein and all the people that were part of the GeoStore. 
Erika Penzer all the people from the GeoCities Community Leaders Program.
David Bohnett, Thomas Evans and GeoCities.
Matthias Koller.
Rob Harshbarger.
Thomas Karabatsos.

Bob and Jorie Raine Pless
Ivo Vynckier. 
Artyom Mikhailov. 
Deb Ackley
Kyle Bates.
Hans-Jürgen Reggel.
Dan C. 
Jay Milo. 
Natalie Hauser. 
Charles Ligon. 
Joakim Zabell. 
Michael Oblogyn. 
Mike Myers. 
Brent Wilson. 
Jason Inmon. 
Georges Seguin. 
Nick Van Loo. 
Kurt Cee. 
Kevin Brown. 
Joseph Wavrusa. 
Pierpaolo Greco. 
Eduardo Casas Herrer. 
Anthony John Zimmermann. 
Jason Hollins. 
Andrea Delisle. 
Zsuzsi & Zsofi. 
Morrisette from eliott. 
JGS3d and Blondebabydoll. 
Sheila Perez. 

Thanks to all the people who have been supporting
this web site since February, 1996!

Gonzalo Rodriguez forever!


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