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Friday, August 14, 2020

DISCLAIMER (Updated: March 18, 2014)

In the past 18 years, our main page received more than 5.000.000 visits. That's only the number of times the "entry" page has been displayed. According to a 2014 review of the structure of the website, it stores more than 5.000 files (web pages, images, documents, etc.). Based on the traffic reports of the current hosting company and with information of the previous hosting solution (Geocities), this site has probably served more than 750.000.000 files to users from all over the world. We have been collecting information about Nicole Eggert, Baywatch, etc., since 1994, from all kind of different sources, mainly collaboration with fans from all over the planet. That is why this web site doesn't have a name behind it. After 4 years of almost no updates, we are working to index and make available to everybody all the collected information, in an easy way, integrate everything with social networks, and we are developing an android native application for Everything will be available to everybody without any need of registration, payment, etc. The idea is to release everything organized, and give you the tools to manage the documents. There is no name behind this site, with just ONE exception; privacy and copyright. If anyone is affected in any of those aspects with the material posted in the site, our rule is simple; explain us the situation (Contact), and the material will be removed. This is just a fan site, it’s not commercial, and the Ads that you see from Amazon, are just to make it easy for people easy to access to material related to Nicole Eggert in a legal way. The revenues from Amazon, for a long time, have not been enough to cover the expenses related to having this site on the Internet.

Note: Privacy and Copyright issues can also be reported to the hosting company, they might be able to contact me faster in order to let me solve the issue as soon as I can:

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