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Monday, September 28, 2020

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Information from the "Baywatch Insider" (1996)

Nicole Eggert as Summer Quinn. 

Nicole Eggert, who plays Summer Quinn on the series "Baywatch," was first-known to millions from her role as Jamie Powell, the hip, older sister on the long running syndicated series, "Charles In Charge." 

Nicole broke into show business at the age of five when, soon after winning the Miss Universe Petite Division Pageant, she landed her first dramatic role as Cheryl Ladd's daughter in "When She Was Bad," a somber story about child abuse. Nicole later went on to make more made-for-television movies
including "I Dream Of Jeannie-15 Years Later," and "The Annihilator," with Susan Blakely. 

Her feature film credits include "Rich and Famous," with Candace Bergen and Jacqueline Bisset; The Omega Syndrome, with Ken Wahl, Clan of the Cave Bear, with Daryl Hannah; and The Double-O Kid and Blown Away, both of which were opposite Corey Haim. 

Nicole had two recurring roles on two hit series: Chrissie Hooker, William Shatner's daughter on "T.J. Hooker," and Marci, Alyssa Milano's best friend, on the hit ABC comedy, "Who's the Boss." She has also made appearances on "Circus Of The Stars." 

Taken from the Baywatch site.

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