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Charles in Charge
Episode Guide
1987 - 1990

Amityville: A new family awaits Charles upon his return.

The Naked Truth: Charles' new girlfriend is a nude model for art class.

Feud for Thought: Family troubles test Charles' philosophy.

The Egg and Us: The girls care for eggs as a school project.

The Loan Arranger: Charles loses his loan when his grades drop.

American Teen: Charles gives Sarah advice he should take.

Buddy Comes to Dinner: Injured guest Buddy upsets Charles' romance.

A Fox in the Henhouse: Cmdr. Powell's amorous shipmate visits Ellen.

Pizza Parlor Protest: The local pizzeria may become a parking lot.

Trade Off: Charles ebcourages the family to trade favors.

Dating: The Powells and Charles suffer dating woes.

Music, Music, Mayhem: A cassette player fosters several arguments.

Buddy in Charge: Buddy takes over while Charles visits his kin.

Isn't That What's Her Face?: An actress asks Charles' help to stay incognito.

A Date From Heck: Charles' charges come along on his dream date.

Mama Mia: Charles' mother takes over during a visit.

Weekend Weary: Mrs. Powell insists Charles take a weekend off.

U.F. Oh No!: Charles and Adam think they see a UFO.

The Case of the Mock Turtle Mystery: Accused turtle-killer Adam demands a trial.

A Job From Heck: Charles chaperones newly hired waitress Jamie.

Twice Upon a Time: Charles' first love returns. (Part 1 of 2)

Twice Upon a Time: Gwen hesitates after saying "yes" to Charles. (Part 2 of 2)

Baby Doll: Promotion manager Charles rejects offers of help.

Lilian Puts a Round: Charles worries when Lilian begins to date.

Her Brother's Keeper: Charles agrees to help a shy boy.

The Undergraduate: Ellen's married cousin makes a play for Charles.

Yule Laff: The family is snowbound in a cabin on Christmas.

Piece of Cake: Charles prepares for Cmdr. Powell's visit.

Dorm Warnings: The family thinks Charles wants to live in the dorm.

Speechless: Buddy helps Charles fight a fear of public speaking.

Infatuation: Charles' crush on a model could alienate Linda.

Role Model: Charles is suspicious of Jamie's modeling school.

The Extremely Odd Couple: Charles gets between feuding Lilian and Walter.

Poppa, the Sailor Man: Charles arranges a visit by Walter's father.

Bottle Baby: Charles sees the other side of Buddy's sister (Mindy Cohn).

Dear Charles: Charles takes a job as an advice columnist.

The Pickle Plot: Uncle Joe makes Charles a business offer.

The Buddy System: A confidence class turns Buddy into a boor.

Sarah Steps Out: Sarah dates a smooth-talking ticket scalper.

Trading Papers: Charles gets an A for Sarah's work.

Five Easy Pizzas: A restaurant critic visits the pizza parlor.

Getting In: Charles and Buddy try to join a fraternity.

Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow: Charles and Buddy foil a pizza-parlor holdup.

Dutiful Dreamer: The family's bad luck causes Charles to dream.

Berkling Up Is Hard To Do: Charles' advice causes misunderstandings.

Runaround Charles: Charles makes three appointments for one evening.

Where the Auction Is: Sarah, Jamie and Adam purchase Charles' services.

The Boy Who Loved Women: A boy dates both Sarah and Jamie.

Barbelles: A girl's ex-beau, a bodybuilder, threatens Charles.

The Blackboard Bungle: Charles accepts a job as a teacher's aide.

The Heart Burglar: The family learns to be honest about their feelings.

May the Best Man Lose: Adam schemes to win a school quiz contest.

No Nukes Is Good Nukes: Sarah is arrested for protesting at her father's ship.

Ninny and the Professor: Charles stands by a grade he gave a student.

Duelling Presleys: Lilian hires an odd Elvis impersonator.

Adam See, Adam Do: Adam observes Charles' way with women.

Yesterday Cafe: Charles tutors history in Lilian's '50's cafe.

Fatal Obsession: A persistent coed sets her sights on Charles.

Walter Gets a Dodo: Walter dates Professor Bunt's visiting sister (Marcia Wallace).

Ladies' Night Out: Jamie and Sarah try to sneak out to a nightclub.

Chargin' Charles: The children run Charles' credit card to the limit just before a date.

A Fish Called Buddy: Charles stands vigil over unconscious Buddy in the hospital.

Second Banana: Jamie loses out to Sarah for a part in a TV ad.

Still at Large: Buddy and Charles think Jamie's teacher (Sally Struthers) is a fugitive.

Poetic Licence: Charles borrows Sarah's poem to impress a girl.

Charles Splits: Charles calls himself "Chaz" and acts strangely. (Part 1 of 2)

Charles Splits: The family is stunned when Charles brings home a bride. (Part 2 of 2)

Curring the Common Cult: Jamie falls under a shady guru's spell.

Room at the Bottom: Jamie wants the remodeled basement to be her room.

A String of Pearls: The Powell's former sitter plots against Charles.

Walter's War: Walter borrows World War II souvenirs to impress a woman.

The Organization Man: Charles plots his schedule with a computer.

The Big Bang: Charles writes an essay about growing up.

Triple Threat: Charles and Buddy's involvement with triplets causes confusion.

Aunt Vanessa: Jamie debates attending school in New York.

It's a Blunderful Life: Charles dreams about the Powell's lives without him.

Bad Boy: Charles tries to reform a juvenile delinquent.

Buddy's Daddy: Buddy assumes trouble when his father visits alone.

Summer Together, Fall Apart: The Powell children decide to have no rules. Guest: Tony Dow

Get Thee to a Nuttery: A brush with death convinces Buddy he should be a priest.

Three Dates & a Walnut: Walter makes three dates for one night. 

Out With the In Crowd: Jamie befriends a snob to join a clique.

There's a Girl In My Ficus: A girl tries to come between Charles and Buddy.

Judge Not Lest Ye Beheaded: Beauty-pageant judge Charles has ties to four contestants.

Baby Bummer: Buddy's advice leads Adam astray.

Paper Covers Rock: A tabloid links Charles and a rock singer.

Child Hoods: Charles romps with visiting pals from high school.

Advice and Consent: Jamie stays with a boy only because Charles disapproves.

Daffy Doc: Buddy enters a mental hospital to do research.

Buddy Flips his Disk: Buddy gets to be a disc jockey for a day.

Don't Rock the Vote: Sarah and Jamie vie to be class president.

Brain Man: Buddy has visions of Charles' future.

Let's Quake a Deal: Charles tries to market an earthquake simulator.

Up Your I.Q.: Jamie wants to convince a boy she is not shallow.

A String of Pearls: A bump on the head turns Charles again into Chaz.

Frankie and Mommy: Lilian is ambivalent about an old flame.

Lost Resort: Buddy's identical cousin takes Charles' job at a Hawaii resort.

The Dead Puck Society: Charles learns an illiterate boy is using Sarah.

La Cage Aux Fools: To protest against animal experimentation, Charles and Buddy are locked in a cage.

Teacher's Pest: Walter enrolls in a history class taught by Charles.

Almost Family: Charles helps save his aunt's (Ellen Travolta) carwash.

Seeing is Believing: Charles asks a girl out, then learns she is blind.

Fair Exchange: Sarah visits her relatives in New Mexico. 

Charles Be DeMille: Charles offers to direct a show to fund Sarah's class trip.

The Naked Truth: Charles' new girl is a nude model for art class. 

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