Nicole Eggert - Why did she leave Baywatch?

Monday, September 28, 2020

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Why did Nicole Eggert leave Baywatch?

The Cyber Sleaze Report
Wednesday May 18, 1994

Blonde beauty NICOLE EGGERT has finally explained to me why she kicked sand in the faces of BAYWATCH bosses and abruptly left the show. Eggert, who plays SUMMER QUINN in the series says, "I quit the show because I'm scared of being typecast as a bimbo. "There are a lot of boobs and butts in the show. All the girls run around in their bikinis far too much. "There is more to life than flaunting yourself on a beach." Eggert now plans to break into movies, but she is terrified she will only get offered raunchy roles. She says, "I have had some sleazy offers but I have turned them all down. "But whatever happens there is no way I'll be going back to Baywatch."

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