Nicole Eggert - Melissa

Monday, September 28, 2020

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Information about "Melissa"

CAST: Nicole Eggert, Rosemary Forsyth;
DIRECTOR: Steve Binder; WRITER: Paul Le Mos;
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Sasha Wolf, Karin Jacoby;
DIR. PHOTOG.: Rick Robinson; EDITOR: Adam Zucker;
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Shetler-Le Mos Prods., 939 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10019; Phone: 212-246-0664;
LOCATION: New York; START: March 18, 1995

The following information was sent to me by Mike Myers (1997)

I've been busting my butt lately trying to find out what the hell's going on with "Melissa". Well, I managed to get in touch with Steve Binder, who directed the movie. We talked for a while and he gave me a bunch of information. Turns out that the guys who were supposed to be financing the movie overstated the amount of $$ they had. The film was budgeted at around $1 million, but actual working capital was more like $200K. The crew, cast, and Steve himself went for quite some time without pay, Steve said the crew even went MONTHS without pay. Nicole came down with a cold the final day of shooting, and while she was out sick, the producers pulled the plug, leaving the film essentially unfinished. According to Steve, he and the DGA(Director's Guild of America) are in litigation and legally, the film is owned by DGA until Steve is paid for his work. The  producers(money-men is probably more like it) are jerking them around. Steve says that there's even been difficulty locating the film! Will the film be released? It's a possibility, IF Steve can get hold of the film. He says he'd even front the money to shoot the final scene, just to give the project some closure. I have the phone number to both the DGA and the law firm which is handling the case. I plan to contact them and see what I can find out. If it's released, don't expect a theatrical release. Probably go straight to video. 



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