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Monday, September 28, 2020

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Article - "People Weekly" (USA)
26 June 2000,
Vol. 53, Issue. 25, pg. 118, "Charles in Charge"

"I no longer take anything for granted" 

Nicole Eggert was living the life of a starlet. She'd segued from her sexy teen role on Charles to a two-year stint as lifeguard Summer Quinn on Baywatch. She'd gotten saline breast implants in 1993 (though she had them removed a year later because she thought they were too big). She even had a romance with her Charles nanny, Scott Baio, 11 years her senior. But in 1996 a snowmobile accident near Lake Tahoe left Eggert with three broken vertebrae. she was airlifted to L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was bedridden for three weeks. 

The incident left her with residual pain "in cold weather or when I sleep the wrong way", she says - and had another profound effect as well. "It made me realize I wanted a family", says Eggert, 28, who is raising her 2-year-old daughter Dilyn (by a former boyfriend she won't name) alone in L.A. Remembered by Charles cast mate James T. Callahan as "a very honest, straightforward young lady", Eggert is determinated to resume her acting career; her newest movie, Murder Scene, just finished filming. But her first priority remains motherhood. "It has been a life- changing experience," she says. "And it only changes for the better as my daughter gets older." 


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